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his complaint is to compliment the pathetic service i'm receiving from VODAFONE.

The vodafone connection that i have will not display the callers name for the last 3 months. The callers name on my phone would says unknown even though its a saved contact on the sim and phone. I have called vodafone regards to this about 45-50 times and no one seems to be too interested in fixing the fault for me. Basavaraj, manjunath, Arif, Vinay, Malikarjun .... Are the untrained, unprofessional customer service agents whom i've spoken to, these so called customer service representatives ask me to submit my address proff, ID proof with a photograph at the vodafone office. I have submitted the same about three times with no result. Im so frustrated with the incompetence of your support functions. I have subimmed my address prof, voters id with a photograph at Kamanahalli vodafone branch three times... During the course of checking it the same sim works on another phone, i damaged this sim, went to the vodafone office again and got a new sim with the same number and this was about 2 weeks back. The store person said this would work in 30 min.. As he said it worked with no callers name.. Now i have reached a point where i have spent close to about 150rs only to speak to your customer care agents. With great regret having this connection i thought i will give you guys one last chance and called last saturday thats 19/02/2011. Spoke with Malikarjun and asked him to transfer me to a supervisor, he put me to an ext that no one answered. I called again and spoke with Basavaraj who said his supervisor is in a meeting, i wonder why supervisors are always in a meeting all time. Again he disconnected the call on me. I have so much to write here about the ****** services you guys are providing. Finally i got to speak with a supervisor whos name is Srikanth, who covered all the customer service parameters being apologitc, assuring promised a solution by monday afternooon. Today being wednesday close to business hours im with no solution.

Kindly advise where do i go from here.

From a very unhappy customer.



Monetary Loss: $150.

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Kindly have your phone checked. This can be problem with phone. At-least do two things.

Save your contacts on Sim

Insert that Sim in a diff phone and see if the caller name appears.

This issue is quite common with Nokia phones.

lemme know at

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