I'm extremely disappointed with Vodafone this year, I have had problems for ages with my galaxy ace. It's been in for repair before and I do update it but its irregular with signal , calling out, people ringing me on it etc etc.

I'm not happy with it all, I've been on to Vodafone I don't know how ,any times moaning and nothing has been resolved other than offering me a repair. I've been told I can't renew it until next April, I can't wait any longer as this is a continual pain. I don't want to pay to upgrade as I took the advice of a voda phone operative that this was an excellent phone and better than iPhones. Yesterday I spoke with four people explaining my problem and being told I'll put you through to someone.

Then I finally get someone that says Ill put you through to a customer relations team that can help. I end up with someone who wasn't from this department and actually we don't have that department. They text me a number telling me to ring the buy back team, which isn't what I want as your probably offer me 50 quid and expect me to pay the remainder. I don't go to Argos to buy a kettle and find out it doesn't operate properly and only have the option of having it replaced by the same model.

I have spoke with four people again today, none of them new my circumstances and still only have the option of paying to renew or selling my handset back to you for a tiny amount that its suppose to be worth. Every time I spoke with someone this morning they passed me through to someone else just to get rid of the problem, I regularly heard their is nothing we can do.

Which is the worst business practice I have ever heard of. I've tweeted, phoned, talked to live chat and no one cares, this company was a great business but is lacking in loyalty to its customers.

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