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After 30days still no human contact regarding ability to unlock iPhone 3GS locked but out of contract to Vodaphone Australia (stated response is less than 10 days)

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Perth, Western Australia, Australia #855158

Hi, I rang Vodaphone to speak with someone in regards to my phone plan and the indian chap was so rude, he said I could no longer recharge my phone service and said that I had to now get another number. I was getting upset with him as I believed he was lying to me in which turned out I was right.

He then blocked all 1800 numbers from my phone as I told him I needed to make an urgent 1800 number call. This was an act of deliberate phone account sabotage and no-one at vodaphone will do anything about it or even fix the account. I charged as normal so he lied about having to change number and 1 week later the credit card details he asked for my credit card was defrauded.

Their staff are participating in illegal acts and they are not interested in even taking down the situation or recoding what happened or even wanting to know who the operator was. Vodaphone staff will not take this serious or even let me make a complaint in which I am now taking this up with the CCC to investigate the fraudulent companies activities.

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